As scanning is the first and most important step in digitally preserving a photograph or object, we take great care to achieve the highest possible quality from the beginning.

Our process begins and ends with white glove handling to ensure the safe treatment of your original negatives, slides, photos and memorabilia. Additionally, all work is done by hand, one object at a time, making sure that every item is cleaned and prepped to minimize dust problems.

Our imaging specialists then spend time with each individual image to ensure ideal exposure, color balance, and cropping. Your digital images are labeled and organized according to the way your physical media is received, i.e. by roll of film, package of prints, name of envelope containing documents etc. For example, if you have a photo album called “Family Reunion 1998″, we’ll place all those images in a folder called ” Family Reunion 1998″ and name the files “Family Reunion 1998_001″, “Family Reunion 1998_002″, and so on. Upon completion we present you with an archival CD or DVD that contains digital files optimal for high-resolution reproduction and upon request, a copy of smaller files suitable for online photo sharing.