Restoration is the process of reconstructing damaged or deteriorating photographs and other media. It refers to materials that require major renewal or alterations.

After your materials are scanned or digitally photographed, we then proceed with the restoration of the new digital image, without altering the original. Our restoration specialists can repair almost any kind of damage and will work to restore your photographs to their former grandeur. With extreme care we address a variety of issues including cracks, extensive tears and scratching, deteriorated photos, discoloration, water damage and mold spots, overexposure, underexposure, and backlighting. We offer additional editing techniques such as compositional re-arrangements, object removal and airbrushing.

Each restoration job is unique and the price to restore an image is determined by the condition of the original and the objectives of the client.  After looking at your original, we can provide you with an estimate for the restoration time and price. Although we receive materials in both good and bad condition, deteriorating or damaged media often receive archival precedence due to their fragile state. With these especially, we take every precaution to return them in the same physical condition in which they were received.