Visual Recollection specializes in producing stunning, flicker-free DVD slide shows with interactive features and your own custom soundtrack. The montage of images used to create the compilation can be selected from a variety of media including digital images, photos, slides, negatives etc. The final product is an archival DVD disc easily navigated and controlled just like a movie (i.e. pause, re-wind, etc.)
To get started just submit your media and selection of music together with instructions on the appropriate sequencing of your images. For copyright reasons you must either present us with original retail CD’s or allow us to download (purchase) your selection of music on-line. After digitizing any needed materials we will create a draft version of the slide show for review before finalizing the movie.
***photos, slides, negatives and other media that requires scanning is not included in slide show pricing***

Back In The Days from Thomas Dragonette on Vimeo.