Our name “Visual Recollection” refers to the experience of recalling a memory sparked by a mental picture, as well as the actual act of recollecting/reorganizing tangible images. Visual Recollection is owned and operated by professional photographers and designers whose formal visual arts training was founded on the principle of producing quality work. We fully understand the personal value of your photographs, negatives, and slides and realize that these materials represent significant and irreplaceable memories.

By digitally archiving your materials we are not only transforming your keepsakes into a more durable and permanent format, but we are also enabling you to share your images, make endless copies, and re-invent memories by converting your materials into a new medium. Our skilled specialists are experts at scanning, retouching, restoration, digital capture, archiving and design. If the historical images of your family’s past have not been permanently preserved- whether it’s one special photograph, two full suitcases or what sometimes feels like 15,000 photos in albums and crates stacked in the attic- then please consider us. All of our work is done on site at our studio, meaning that your valuable materials will never leave our care from the minute they arrive until they are returned to you. So don’t worry, your mementos are safe with us! Our primary objective is always to meet or exceed the expectations of our clients, by producing quality results and providing the best possible service tailored to your specific needs. The bottom line is that we are passionate about what we do, and now is a great time to give new life to an old memory.