It was a dark and stormy night…Ok maybe not, but that would be a fitting scenario for this awesome design project that we got the privilege of working on.

Our client came to us in hopes to have custom table number cards and seating cards designed for her wedding.  Typically when doing a job like this you are requested to show only the fanciest fonts, exotic floral designs, something elegant and breath taking like the story from a child’s favorite fairytale.  Not the case this time.  This was no ordinary bride.  She told me about her love for horror films both classic and contemporary and the monsters that lurked in the dark, scary things that would frighten even the most daring of men.  She told me how she wanted these monsters to line her tables for all eyes to gaze upon and witness the horror she so loved.

After all the researching and preparation the final out come was portrait style images of ghouls and monsters, waiting to show their faces to the masses that lined the open bar, with hopes to one more time paralyze those who gazed upon their appearance.

All in all, there were 27 tables.  Each one with a different monster designed specifically for that table.  I must say it was one of the funnest projects I have worked on to date.