There is a funny story that goes with this photo.  The woman who owned this photograph was finally ready to have this photo restored, 50 something years after she got into a fight and ripped it in half herself.  The problem was, she didn’t want it to leave her house.  So since we decided it wasn’t very cost effective for any of the parties involved to pack up our scanners and drive down to her house in the Bronx, NY, her grandson pulled a Whodini move and snuck it from the house for us to scan.  After a day or two of Nanny calling her grandson in disbelief that her picture just got up and walked out of the house itself, it was back in her possession.  Her grandson had a difficult time explaining what had happened, but when she saw the restored version she was more than happy that he had done so.

There were quite a few issues with this photo.  The most obvious being the giant tear so perfectly placed across the face.  Aside from that we had to deal with the Scotch tape that was used to repair the photo the first time around.  Then we had the standard fading of tones and discoloring of paper.  After all was said and done, Grandpa got his face back and Nanny got two photos.  One brand new version and one ripped one for next time she got the urge.